Utica College Convocation Ceremony marks start of new academic year

(WKTV) - The beginning of the 2013-14 academic year has finally arrived as Utica College welcomes another large group of new and returning students for the fall semester.

The start of the academic year always begins with an annual tradition - the college’s Convocation Ceremony - held Monday morning.

Just before the ceremony began, faculty and new students process from Strebel Gardens to the Thomas H. Clark Athletic Center while the bell on top of Bell Hall tolled.

The Convocation Ceremony occurs the day before classes begin and lasts about 50 minutes as a formal introduction for new students.

The Convocation serves as the official beginning of the new academic year.

“Convocation is a chance for the Utica College community to welcome our new students and wish them the best for the years to come,” said Judith Kirkpatrick, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Along with returning students, the college welcomes approximately 520 new freshman and 188 transfer students this fall.

Daryl Mackey Sr., a 1986 graduate of Utica College and the CEO of D & D Enterprize, LLC in Alexandria, Va. will deliver the convocation address to incoming students and faculty.

Mackey earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Utica College while also playing basketball for the Pioneers. Mackey also earned his master’s degree in education from Central Michigan University in 2000.

Mackey is a high school and adult education teacher in the Alexandria, VA area. He earned a Gold Star Teacher award in financial literacy in 2010 from the McGraw-Hill Companies.

All students are welcome to attend the convocation ceremony, which is followed by a barbecue in the academic quad.

Classes begin on Tuesday, August 27

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