Utica College Convocation welcomes class of 2016


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A special tradition ushered in the beginning of the new academic year at Utica College on Monday as hundreds of students participated in the college's convocation ceremony.

To kick-off the event, students and faculty marched from Strebel Gardens to the Clark Athletic Center where Doree Gurdack, a Utica College graduate and leader of one of the world's leading public relations and communications firms, addressed the students.

"It's to have them interact with one another, get them to interact with faculty, and get them to build a bond, a relationship," said Patrick Quinn, VP of Undergrad Admissions. "After this is done, they will get a class of 2016 t-shirt, take a photo in the stands and that will be their formal introduction."

Classes at Utica College begin on Tuesday.

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