Ilion School Superintendent: Remington loss would be devastating


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - As many wonder, with some anxiety, if Remington Arms will remain in the Village of Ilion in light of New York State's strict, new gun laws, many are gauging and reflecting on the 200-year old gun maker's impact on Ilion and the entire valley, not the least of whom are the heads of local school districts.

There's a lot happening in Herkimer County School Districts. Ilion and Mohawk go to the polls on February 12 to decide whether or not to merge.

Ilion School Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra says that, while any exodus of Remington Arms would devastate the community not only financially but emotionally, the direct financial impact to the actual school district would not be catastrophic.

"If they did leave, of all the devastation that would take place, the least devastating impact would be on the tax levy at the school district because they pay such a small amount of the tax levy," Tangorra said. "This company's been putting food on the tables of Mohawk Valley families for 200 years and hopefully they'll be here for 200 more."

If the Ilion and Mohawk School Districts merge, the tax contribution of Remington Arms to the combined district would actually decrease.

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