Whitesboro Superintendent: construction projects will be complete in time for first day


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - On Thursday, students will fill the halls of local school buildings in Oneida County, but for many, it was contractors filling the halls on Wednesday, putting the finishing touches on major construction projects.

The Whitesboro Central School District is among those that still somewhat resemble a construction site, but Superintendent Dave Langone assures parents that the schools will be ready for students tomorrow, including Parkway 6th grade building and middle school.

The presence of heavy equipment outside the school as well as unfinished work on the inside has prompted many inquiries from parents wondering if the buildings would be ready, or even safe, for occupation by their children.

The major project at Whitesboro's 6th grade building and middle school is heating and cooling work, along with asbestos removal. That's a phrase that tends to make parents uneasy, but Superintendent Langone says the removal contractors have been performing air quality tests as they clear each room and that all have come back safe.

He says rooms would not have been released to the school custodial staff if they hadn't cleared the air quality tests.

Contractors are still inside the middle school and likely will be for much of Wednesday.

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