Crowded at the top - 25 valedictorians at one school

By Gail Paschall-Brown, NBC News

There won't be just one valedictorian at Ocala, Florida's Vanguard High School.

This year, there could be 25.

"I think it's fantastic for the school," said Principal Rick Lankford.

As the countdown begins to the June 8 graduation, school officials say the students are on pace to earn all As in college-level courses, earning 5.0 weighted GPAs.

It's not the first time Vanguard has had multiple valedictorians.

There were 11 last year.

The only issue facing school officials is deciding who will deliver the valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony.

The 25 candidates were asked to submit a speech to a committee, which will select a winner later this month.

All of the valedictorian eligible students will be recognized and they will receive a prestigious silver plate once they walk across the stage.

Vanguard High School is ranked 23 in the state in the US News and World Reports' Best High School list.

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