New Documentary Details NASCAR's Past

By (BI) Paul Temple

DARINGTON, Conn. -- Before Daytona, before asphalt, before rules and regulations, before NASCAR, one man would gather a ragtag group of daredevils and dare to dream. The starters turned, there was a spark, then a roar, and legends were born.

This holiday, American Stock(TM), a new brand dedicated to paying homage to the early days of NASCAR, introduces fans to a new DVD Series, “The Golden Era of NASCAR,” that traces NASCAR's humble beginnings back into the white sands of Daytona and red dirt clay of Southern Piedmont where NASCAR founder "Big" Bill France and his roving band of rebels and outlaws would grip it and rip it, white-knuckled and hell-bent all the way across the line to that checkered flag.

This is the only DVD series that takes a hard and gritty look at NASCAR's history from 1936 to 1971, the early, formative years when the "greatest generation" managed to build stock car racing, judged as a third-rate joy ride for the working class, into what it is today – the fastest growing spectator sport in the country.

The four-and-a-half-hour series includes four DVDs: The early years 1936 to 1949; The Jet Age, 1950 to 1959, the Wild Wild 60's, from 1960 to 1971, and a bonus DVD, Profiles of legends Wendell Scott and Curtis Turner. The Wendell Scott Story aired on The History Channel in 2002.

American Stock(TM) founder and Virginia native John W. Warner IV blends his professional experience in both documentary film-making and race car driving with American Stock's first product offering, the DVD series.

"Years went into the development of this series," said Warner. "These guys live all over the country and still live very independent and sometimes reclusive lives. Finding them, gaining their confidence and capturing their spirit on film to tell these untold stories was an enormous task and one that I will never forget."

According to Greg Fielding, NASCAR historian, "It was a colorful sport. It had a lot of characters. It is what makes this sport so different and appealing to everybody today. You can't wipe out history."

The DVD series features exclusive interviews with Junior Johnson, Richard Petty and Fred Lorenzen, among a host of other legendary early drivers and NASCAR historians.

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