First Dual-Language Film and Cast in Production

'Irreversi' Filming in Two Places Simultaneously

By (BI) Susanna Daniel

HONG KONG -- Bigfoot Entertainment is taking an unusual approach with its next project, "Irreversi.”

Filming in both English and Mandarin, this feature film will have two versions made simultaneously with two sets of separate casts.

Bigfoot Entertainment CEO Kacy Andrews explains the rationale behind this move as "an out of the box approach to generating specific appeal to both Asian and Western audiences."

"We want to make films that genuinely respect their markets instead of just have them subtitled or dubbed," said Andrews. "Furthermore, while filming in two languages presents logistical problems, our proper scheduling and planning -- together with the support of an experienced local Hong Kong team -- enables us to pull off something unique in making these two films at the same time."

Making his directing debut is German-born Michael Gleissner, who also wrote the screenplay and conceptualized the dual language film.

As Executive Producer on Bigfoot-funded films such as "3 Needles" (starring Lucy Liu), "East Broadway" (starring Margaret Cho), "Shanghai Kiss"( starring Kelly Hu) and the recent "The Curiosity of Chance" (starring Tad Hilgenbrinck), the 36-year-old has decided to up his creative ante by helming both versions of the film.

"Bigfoot Entertainment is extremely excited to bring Michael's unique vision to fruition," Andrews said.

"Irreversi" is a powerful drama about an overnight millionaire who plots the perfect murder of his beautiful wife. The film begins principal photography at the end of March and stars Mei Melancon, Ian Bohen, Kenny Doughty, and Estella Warren.

"On the challenges of adapting the screenplay, language will not be the only difference between the two versions" said one Hong Kong-based producer. "The character treatment, editing style, and cinematography will also be different."

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