New Jazz Website Earns Respect from Legend

Not-for-Profit Site Assists Novice Musicians

By (BI) Susanna Daniel

MILWAUKEE --, a website that launched late last year, has earned the endorsement of Jazz legend Dave Brubeck.

The not-for-profit site was created not only to promote Jazz music, but to also create a venue for Jazz artists to be seen, heard, sold and hired.

Brubeck said, "With all the changes in the music business in recent years, it is increasingly difficult for musicians . . . to find a way to distribute and promote their recordings and to become better known to the general public and to club and concert promoters."

Jillian Algrin, founder of E-JazzOnline and an advertising and marketing executive, knows the importance of advertising and promotion, as well as CD distribution and sales, in determining the success of a CD or career of an artist.

EJO-registered artists are featured with photos, bios, CD cover art, achievements, and music samples and given "blog" pages to interact with fans and potential employers.

All CDs are sold for $20.00, $12.00 of which goes back to the artist and a minimum of $2.00 of which goes to support the Jazz Foundation of America's Jazz Musician Emergency Fund. Remaining funds are used to maintain and promote the site.

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