Reese Witherspoon Is Hippest Mom, Poll Finds

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston Most Likely To Become New Moms

By (BI) Susanna Daniel

NEW YORK -- Beautiful, successful -- and now Oscar- winner Reese Witherspoon can add "Hippest Mom" to her resume!

To celebrate Mother's Day, the "Lifetime Women's Pulse Poll" surveyed nearly 1,000 Lifetime viewers nationwide, who found Reese Witherspoon the hippest mother, ahead of Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, while saying Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston (Marc and Vince, are you listening?) are the celebrities most likely to become pregnant this year.

The poll also found that women looking for a "Mr. Mom" to clean their house and take care of the kids selected Tim McGraw, beating out "Dr. McDreamy" (Patrick Dempsey from "Grey's Anatomy").

But when the vacuuming is done and they're looking for someone to tuck them in at night, Matthew Fox and Ricardo Antonio Chavira were the chocolate on the pillow, edging out Usher and Simon Cowell.

How good were their own mothers at giving advice?

More than 30 percent said parenting tips were the best advice they ever received, but nearly as many (28.4 percent) said their mother was "horrible at giving advice" -- such as the mere 2.3 percent who said their Mom offered pearls of wisdom about sex.

No matter whether their mother was right about raising children or Tim McGraw cleaned the oven, an overwhelming number (76.6 percent) believed motherhood is harder than when they were young girls.

Among other poll findings:

-- Far and away (58.9 percent), the one chore women would gladly surrender is cleaning the house;

--Twice as many women (42.9 percent vs. 21.3 percent) would rather have a maid than a personal trainer;

--Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion" was the best song with the word "mom" in the title over Willie Nelson's "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys;"

--More than a quarter of the women (26.1 percent) were glad they didn't inherit their mother's neuroses, followed by fashion sense (18.7 percent) and physique (9.7 percent).

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