Tunes Recommended for Pet Stress

By (BI) Susanna Daniel

For the past several months veterinarian Tracy Acosta has been adding a unique component to her medical and boarding services.

This ardent pet lover has been playing soothing pet music to create a calming environment in her hospital as she and her staff head off to surgery and to their drop-off appointments.

Acosta said, “My staff and I at Biloxi Animal Hospital truly believe that our patients (dogs and cats) benefit from the peaceful tone that the music provides. I feel that this not only pleases the pets but their owners as well who seem to delight in the fact that their beloved companion/s will be supplied with such an amenity.”

In its 2005/2006 study, the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association (APPMA) National Pet Owners Survey* reported that pet owners spent $43-68 Million respectively on their cats and dogs’ treats. An astounding $337 Million has been spent on cats and $574 Million on dog’s surgical vet visits.

Pet owners will do everything to keep their pets happy, most especially if it meant proactively participating in their pets’ healing process
If soothing music can calm down your nerves – then your pets can certainly benefit from this brand new set of albums exclusively composed to relax and calm your little friend.

In his new CD series, musical artist Marco Missinato reveals the secret to creating more relaxed and healthier pets. Most importantly, his music has been tested by veterinarians as part of the healing and recovery program in calming sick and hyper-active pets, a beautiful project that is a first in its class and has not been done anywhere in the world.

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