Cheetah Girls Outselling Rolling Stones and Barbra Streisand

Holiday Season With Radio City Christmas Spectacular Debut on List

By (BI) Susanna Daniel

CHICAGO -- The Cheetah Girls, the all-girl singing group based on the popular young adult book series and Disney Channel movie, have sold more concert tickets on the secondary market than legendary musicians the Rolling Stones and Barbra Streisand, according to the TicketsNow Entertainment Index for September.

"The TicketsNow Entertainment Index is the definitive barometer for gauging the hottest trends in entertainment," said Kenneth Dotson, Chief Marketing Officer for TicketsNow. "Our September data reinforced that attending live events is frequently a family affair. Based on the number of tickets sold to The Cheetah Girls, many parents were treating their kids to what could possibly be their first concert-that's something they'll always remember."

In the latest index that was announced, The Cheetah Girls took the number one spot on the Concert list with 12.1 percent of ticket sales, besting the Stones and Streisand who had 5.0 percent and 4.5 percent of concert sales, respectively. Following in fourth place was Eric Clapton with 3.9 percent and Roger Waters in the fifth spot with 2.9 percent of concert tickets sold.

In the Theater category, Wicked retained its position at number one with 32.1 percent of all theater tickets sold, with Jersey Boys in second place with 6.6 percent. In a sign that the holiday season is right around the corner, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular made its TicketsNow Entertainment Index debut at number three with 5.7 percent of theater ticket sales.

The New York Yankees, who had the best record in the American League this season, led the Sports list with 4.9 percent of ticket sales. Rounding out the top three in the category were the Dallas Cowboys with 3.7 percent and the Jacksonville Jaguars with 3.3 percent.

Top September Events Overall
1. Wicked 6. Baltimore Ravens
2. The Cheetah Girls 7. Chicago Bears
3. New York Yankees 8. Rolling Stones
4. Dallas Cowboys 9. Seattle Seahawks
5. Jacksonville Jaguars 10. Barbra Streisand

Top September Sports Ticket Sales
1. New York Yankees
2. Dallas Cowboys
3. Jacksonville Jaguars
4. Baltimore Ravens
5. Chicago Bears

Top September Concert Ticket Sales
1. The Cheetah Girls
2. Rolling Stones
3. Barbra Streisand
4. Eric Clapton
5. Roger Waters

Top September Theater Sales
1. Wicked
2. Jersey Boys
3. Radio City Christmas Spectacular
4. The Lion King
5. Monty Python's Spamalot

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