Mexico dancers prepare Thriller record bid


Thousands of dancers in Mexico City are preparing a bid to break the world record for the most people to dance together to steps from Michael Jackson's Thriller video, organizers said Wednesday.

Past bids to beat the record for simultaneous dancing to the 1982 hit have not exceeded 300 people.

Around 11,000 young people have signed up to join the robotic dance routine in the Mexican capital on August 29 -- which would have been Jackson's 51st birthday -- said Javier Hidalgo, youth director of the city government.

Other cities, including Barcelona and possibly Moscow, were planning similar routines in the challenge to enter the Guinness World Records, Hidalgo said.

A group of young people set up the Mexican bid on the Facebook social networking site, Hidalgo added.

"It's interesting that the participants in the practice sessions are young people between 18 and 22 who were not born when Thriller came out," he added.

The record bid was set to coincide with the Los Angeles burial of Jackson, who died on June 25.

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