Unseen footage of recording of "Christmas in the Valley " released

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - 2011 marks 20 years since a local group of musicians gathered to sing a song about Christmas across the Mohawk Valley.

Much has changed over the course of two decades, but one thing hasn't changed. Back then, and still today, you can hear the song played on local radio stations.

This year, the song is getting new life with the discovery of new video featuring hours and hours from the recording session 20 years ago.

We sat down with the man who wrote the song and headlines the video "Christmas in the Valley."

Today, song-writer Mark Werchowski uses his passion for music to teach his craft to youngsters in the Utica City School district.

20 years ago, his day job was a night job headlining at local bars with his band, Dillenger. It was during that time he wrote "Christmas in the Valley."

"The whole thing came together so fast," Werchowski says. " I literally wrote it not even two weeks before we recorded it. And I just called everybody I knew."

For Werchowski, everyone he knew included a lot of big names in the local music scene.

"Some of the people on the song have passed," he says. "A lot of great people you know.. but they added to the spirit. So we remember them when we sing it too."

Werchowski is releasing this never-before-seen footage to the public. You can catch a glimpse by clicking on the following link.

Or you can visit Werchowski's website at:

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