Hamlin's family at home enjoying her results

By Gary Liberatore

(WKTV) - Erin Hamlin's parents and siblings are with her in Sochi, cheering her on in her third Winter Olympic Games. But Erin has many more family members and friends who gathered Monday morning in Central New York to watch her two runs live via video streaming.

A group of more than 30 gathered at Erin's Aunt Becky and Uncle Dave's home in Poland.  The Ozogs' living room may have been as loud as the luge finishing line over in Sochi.

Becky Ozog, Erin's aunt, says watching Erin's first run is always intense, but this was even more so.

"My heart is pumping.  I'm still shaking a little bit.  Now that the first run is over with, I feel a little relaxed," Ozog said. "She's got her groove. She's got it under control."

Erin was in second place after each competitor completed their first run Monday morning, and after her second run, Erin was in first place, just for a couple of minutes. That was until Germany's Tatjana Huefner went immediately after Hamlin, and took over the top spot, leaving Erin in second place.  But that, too, was only temporary. Germany's other luge superstar, Natalie Geisenberger, took her second run, and she took over the top spot, leaving the results heading into Tuesday's final two runs with Geisenberger in first, Huefner in second and Hamlin in third.

Erin's great uncle Larry Ozog says Monday night will be an interesting night for Erin trying to get some sleep, knowing an Olympic medal is in her grasp.

"You're going to have a night to think about it. You're going to come back tomorrow, and it's a mental game now, it's a mental game," he said. " She knows she can do it physically. She knows the track. Just stay focused."

Erin's grandfather, Oneida County Legislator Les Porter says a medal would be awesome, but to have someone from right here in our area compete in the Olympic games is really great in itself.

Porter says it's nice to see Remsen getting some international exposure.

"It's not only Remsen, but its Utica-Rome," Porter said. "It's the entire Oneida County."

There are a total of four runs in the luge singles events and all four runs count equally.

So, if the standings stay the way they are right now, after two more runs tomorrow Remsen's Erin Hamlin will be a Olympic Bronze Medal winner.

Go Erin!

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