Hamlin's historic run has her trending on social media


(WKTV) - In this day and age, you know you've made it big when all of social media is talking about you.

Well following Erin Hamlin's historical bronze medal winning run, America's first podium in the sport of Olympic singles luge, she experienced just that.

After the news broke that Hamlin had clinched the bronze, and ended a 50-year medal-less drought for the United States in that event, the Remsen native blew up all over the Internet.

Her accomplishment was being featured on major sports websites such as ESPN and Yahoo! Sports, and her name was circulating around social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Within minutes of the feat, Hamlin quickly went from small-town Central New York athlete to mainstream U.S. Olympian, who was being talked about on nearly every medium out there.

We've seen it happen before with names like Missy Franklin, the Gymnastics' "Fab Five," Shaun White, and Michael Phelps, going into the Olympics as local heroes, and coming out as national household names.

With Hamlin officially in the top spot of "trending" on Facebook, Tuesday (even higher than Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, who failed to medal in a disappointing 4th place finish in the Men's Halfpipe), she had the nation and even the world on notice.

The name Erin Hamlin will now go down in Olympic history as the American who finally broke through, and earned a medal in the singles luge event, and with today's social media the way it is, it won't be soon forgotten.

Hamlin's historical run gave her fans back home something to cheer about, but it also gave her a dream come true in the sport that she loves.

Before the Central New Yorker returns home from the Games in Sochi, she will remain there as one of the most talked about Team USA athletes of these Olympics, and will remain on top of social media coverage for many days to come.

With the major victory for our local hero putting her on top of the trending list, is she poised to become the next Olympic household name?

Only time will tell, but for now, she is on top of the social media world. 

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