Remsen High School goes crazy for Hamlin

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The library at Remsen High School was packed on Tuesday, but was completely silent.

Students packed the room in front of a projector in anticipation of watching Remsen alum Erin Hamlin take the Olympic track in Sochi.

Students and teachers say that coming from such a small community, their connection to a three-time Olympian was already more than they could imagine. But now that she was the first American to ever medal in singles luge, the moment was huge. Cheer erupted and emotions were high.

"It's so incredibly emotional because so many of us that have been to the races and have known her and watched her come here and run the track in the off-season and prepare and train known what effort has been put into it," said Jodie Roos, Hamlin's former teacher. "For that to pay off, it's a very emotional thing."

There is a mural inside the school with Hamlin's picture on it that says two-time Olympian. The principal of the school said they can't wait to make the changes say not only three-time Olympian, but bronze medalist as well. 

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