Flood victims turn to Salvation Army

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) – Belongings line the streets in Herkimer, now piles of rubble. Some residents say this is the worst devastation they’ve ever seen.

“This is just incredible. It’s like a warzone,” said Richard Greene, a resident.

The Salvation Army has brought in 30 extra personnel to support the widespread need. They served about 1,300 meals yesterday and prepared over a thousand today.

Greene was one of those people picking up food. He’s helping his friend whose house was flooded and filled with mud.

“This is how Mohawk does things. We just help each other. It’s amazing,” he said.

“Just very grateful for any help. Very gracious helping each other, helping their neighbors. Lot of friends and family coming in to help, but some are really very discouraged too. Some houses have been red tagged, some foundations are gone. It’s a very discouraging time for many people too,” said Edith Pigford, a Salvation Army volunteer.

Aside from giving out meals, the Salvation Army is also handing out cleaning kits. They have trucks handing them out, but there are 600 more buckets at 431 North Prospect Street in the Village of Herkimer for anyone to pick up.

They’re also preparing for more rain in the days to come.

“We’ve got other teams on standby and we can call them as needed,” said Captain Brian Clarke of the Salvation Army.

“I told my husband as soon as he gets out of work today to come home and hook up our pump and just wait to see so we can be ahead of the game this time,” said Koren Scanlon, a homeowner in Herkimer.

The Salvation Army says they’ll be in the area as long as they’re needed, but they’re starting to run out of supplies. They’re asking for anyone who is able to donate food to bring it to their office on North Prospect Street.

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