Governor Cuomo visits Mohawk addresses storm damage and FEMA


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV)- There's no power, like the power of mother nature, those were the words from Governor Andrew Cuomo who addressed residents and officials Tuesday night at the Mohawk Fire Station.

One of the pressing issues he spoke about was FEMA. Cuomo said applying for FEMA is the second step in the region's recovery process.

He said first an assessment of the total damage must be done, before the qualification process begins. But, for now the immediate health and safety issues for victims must be addressed before the qualification process begins.

"FEMA is actually on the ground now and they're working with us," said Cuomo. "But, until we get to the reimbursement level, where homeowners have someone to talk to, it's going to be two or three days."

To contact the governor's office:

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