Governor "not overly optimistic" about federal disaster response

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

The governor spoke with federal officials Tuesday about getting money for flood victims and he says it does not look good.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to get several counties, including Herkimer and Oneida, declared disaster areas, which would mean federal recovery dollars.

While the governor walked away from the conversation not feeling optimistic, he is still promising help to victims.

The governor said that his energy is devoted to the pursuit of federal money for disaster relief and recovery, because, in his words "the state doesn't have that kind of money, either."

However, the governor said that whatever happens on the federal end, New York will not leave homeowners on their own.

"So, step one is trying to get the federal money, so I've been pushing very hard," Governor Cuomo said. "I've pushed our federal officials to push very hard. At this point, I'm not cautiously optimistic, but if we can't get the federal funds, as Governor of this state, the state will step up, but we will not leave those homeowners on their own."

The governor says he believes the counties should qualify for federal funds.

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