Herkimer residents cleaning up from flood damage


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The sidewalks in many towns and villages are overflowing with garbage bags Sunday night. Those bags are full of belongings that are now ruined by the flood waters. It's leaving many with weeks of cleanup ahead.

"Fifty years worth of memories, gone. Everything is wiped out," said Brian Haggerty of Herkimer.

Memories line the streets in Herkimer, residents were told to bring out the damaged goods to the curb. The next stop is the dumpster. Right now most people in Herkimer have cold water and electricity but no gas. "In the whole area hot water heaters are shot, furnaces are shot, washers and dryers, anything in the basement is no longer usable it's all ...It's trash now," said Haggerty. "All of the neighbors have been pitching in, helping each other with meals and cleanup. Whatever we can do to help each other."

Scott Ashley dealt with flooding problems when he lived in Frankfort so he says he didn't keep much in his basement. He is feeling for many of his neighbors who did. "I feel bad for a lot of other people that lost you see..piles of stuff everywhere. That's the people I feel bad for."

"I couldn't believe it happened here in Herkimer, not here," said Haggerty. "I mean down south or some place this is the kind of stuff we see on tv in the summer in the south but not here..not in Herkimer," said Haggerty. "I think cleanup to get back to normal is going to take at least a month."

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