Hinckley residents and town searching for the source of recent flooding


HINCKLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Houses along Main Street in Hinckley felt mother natures wrath on Sunday, experiencing soggy and drenched yards, along with three to four feet of flooding in their basements. Neighbors believe it may have something to do with a new sewer system being implemented, while the town's supervisor says resident's are not connected to the system yet, but are weighing out all of the options.

Rae Alexander said she has lived in her home for over 49 years and has never experienced this kind of flooding, "Someone goofed, someone's planning didn't work be here 49 years the lakes have been high before in spring, brutally high but its never been in my cellar before."

Alexander is scared for her future, "The things in the house are stuff, I can live without stuff but my kids are grown and gone so my dogs are like my buds and now I have to put them one will rent to me with two Weimaraners."

Town Supervisor, Joe Smith, said they are working on solving the problem and finding the source of the issue, "Brookfield Power which is now lowering levels of Prospect Pond to see if thats part of the problem to see if you have a back up coming up system," he also said they hope to have resident's an answer by tonight or tomorrow morning.

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