Ilion Mayor: Community coming together to clean up, rebuild


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - The flood clean-up continues in the Village of Ilion, with many streets remaining shut down as crews work to repair them.

They are also working hard to clear the drains before more rain comes.

Village Mayor John Stephens says the town has been coming together to rebuild their lives and that they are just taking things day by day, hoping that the worst is behind them.

"We're just continuing day to day operations and right now those day to day operations have obviously changed towards flood and debris cleanup," Mayor Stephens said. "In times like this, everyone seems to be able to ban together for the most part and help a neighbor help a friend help a relative."

Mayor Stephens says they are assisting residents the best they can by pumping cellars and sand bagging, if requested. Like many throughout the area, he says he is just hoping the rain will go away for awhile.

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