Ilion Mayor: "Please be patient"

ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ilion Mayor John Stephens says the flooding has caused considerable infrastructure damage throughout the village.

Stephens says the village crews are working diligently to repair and clean up the damage.

The Mayor is requesting that residents help each other out. Stephens said, "I am asking that you, as residents of this great community, assist your neighbors in these times of distress if at all possible."

He says dumpsters have been placed throughout the village, will be dumped Sunday night and then not returned.

Only flood damaged areas will have trash picked up from their curbs, which will start without the dumpsters. Debris and mud will be cleaned up in the coming days.

Officials say that residents with more than six inches of water in their cellar can call the Ilion Fire Department for assistance.

Mayor Stephens said, "the priorities in the village at this time are life safety issues and once these are taken care of we will start to worry about property issues. Be patient as there is a lot to do and the crews are doing their best to keep everyone safe and alive."

Mayor Stephens says he is willing to help residents out as best he can. His phone number is 895-7449 ext. 235.

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