Mohawk church hosts "Thank You" dinner for first responders


MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Word Christian Center in Mohawk hosted a dinner on Wednesday night, to thank the first responders who put their own needs aside and rushed to help others when the flood waters came at the end of June and again in July.

Pastor Eugene Kipper says his wife, Eileen, came up with the idea. "Once everybody got kind of squared up, it was my wife who said you know we've watched these people, a lot of them being volunteers, and they drop everything and they go run to help people."

"We just wanted folks to come, put their feet up, relax and be waited on for a while," said Eileen Kipper.

A member of the church offered to pay for all of the food. The church took care of the dessert.

"The amazing thing is, this country and especially this area, responds big time because we have a big heart. We may not have the best this or that but the one thing we do have is a good group of people with tremendous heart and they come out. Especially when they are needed, drop everything and that's a great attribute to have and we've got it," said Eugene Kipper, Pastor, Word Christian Center.

"I've heard amazing stories of what people did and how they left their own needs to help somebody else and that speaks volumes," said Eileen Kipper. "And in this day and age when so many people are thinking about themselves and they said no, somebody else needs my skill and my talent and my care."

"It's just great to have someone open up the church and give us a free meal," said Don Elthorp, Fire Police Captain for the Mohawk Fire Department. "It really means a lot and we really really appreciate it very very much."

"It means a lot for us firemen, Fire Corps and Ladies Auxilary to come out and have something like this," said Chief Dan Mabbett. "We don't look for a pat on the back. We don't look for payment. We're here to help the Mohawk Valley out that's all."

At the end of the dinner the first responders were given coffee mugs made especially for the dinner, as a momento to take home.

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