Residents pumping out after getting socked with more rain

By WKTV News

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Just over a week after severe flooding hit the area, homeowners are pumping out again.

Heavy rain fell overnight, setting residents back again.

Ken Mursch owns two homes on Gardner Street and took about a $30,000 financial hit with the flooding in late June.

He was flooded again overnight and that's not all. Like many, he's had to take time off work to recover, so he's losing income too.

"I spent almost a whole week here between clean up and pumping, installing hot water tanks. I lost all the furnaces. I still have that yet to do. Just crazy between trying to be able to go to work, I'm self-employed, and then trying to get all my tenants back up and running. It's been a long week and now with the threats this week again, I'm in for another long week," said Mursch.

Mursch also says his tenants are so frustrated with the frequent flooding that they're ready to move.

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