Salvation Army disaster services awaiting mobilization

(WKTV) - The same Salvation Army disaster services trailer that fed emergency workers and victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and 9-1-1 is in Herkimer County, awaiting mobilization, health department approval and a highly-trained crew.

"It's a team of five people who can produce 15000 meals in this very small area," says Cpt. Dorothy Budd.

The trailer, parked behind Herkimer High School, will be where that crew cooks roughly 15,000 meals per day.

Lunch and dinner will be served at 1:00 and 6:00 pm at two fixed locations: Family Dollar in Mohawk and the Salvation Army in Herkimer. In addition, five 'mobile canteens' will deliver thousands of meals throughout the county, with those meal times at noon and 5:00pm. The school is not a feeding site.

"We have probably about five canteens which are our mobile feeding sites, going out along with sprinter vans which are kind of like cargos that hold about 1500 meals on each one to go out and serve," says Cpt. Budd.

Budd is hoping for health department approval in time to begin serving a light breakfast Thursday morning at 9:30. She says the cooking and delivery crews will be in Herkimer County as long as they're needed.

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