Bassett launches new initiative for students to live healthy lifestyle


EDMESTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Bassett Research Institute at Bassett Medical Center has launched a new initiative to encourage community members to live a healthy lifestyle.

The program called "5-2-1-0" launched Tuesday in the Edmeston Central School District and Delhi School District.

Here is what the numbers "5-2-1-0" stand for:

*5 or more fruits and vegetables a day

*2 hours or less of recreational screen time a day

*1 hour or more hour of physical activity a day

*0 sugary drinks, replace with water and/or low-fat milk.

The goal is to incorporate the "5-2-1-0" messages into the daily activities of students.

From healthier food in the cafeteria, to more in-school and after-school programs to encourage fitness, and more health-based activities, the idea is to put students and their families on the path to a healthier future.

"We hope all community residents will adopt the 5-2-1-0 goals, and by reaching children with the same message in all environments in which they live, work and play, the program is more likely to be effective," said Dr. David Strogatz, director of Bassett's Center for Rural Community.

This initiative has been implemented in nearly 350 schools and community centers in Maine with promising results. School and medical officials are hoping the program experiences similar success in Central New York.

Over the next two years, doctors from Bassett Medical Center will be evaluating the program and its impact on the community.

A community program will be held to introduce area residents to the the "5,2,1,0" program at Edmeston Central School on Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

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