Doctor's office celebrates two decades of service in the Mohawk Valley

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A local doctor's office celebrated two decades of service in the Mohawk Valley this week.

Dr. Atul Butala and his team have been treating cancer patients since he opened his office doors in 1991, and on Monday, a reception was held at the Regional Cancer Center at Faxton- St. Luke's.

Dr. Butala says when he first came to Utica, many cancer patients had to travel to Cooperstown for treatment. He and his team have seen thousands of patients over the past twenty years, but he says the one constant in his office is change - every few months, new medicines are released, which he says is offering better treatment and quality of life.

"Patients will live longer with better quality," Dr. Butala said. "The important thing is the quality. A lot of patients tell me we don't want to live longer if life is not going to be good quality-wise. If chemotherapy is going to hurt them or they are not going to do good. You know, the treatments have changed. A lot of people don't even lose hair, don't even get vomiting. Look at our patients here - they don't even look sick."

The doctor says taking care of the patient and their family members is what keeps the practice running.

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