Latest medical trends discussed at Campaign for Quality

By WKTV News

CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hundreds of people from 25 different hospitals have convened in Clinton this weekend in order to get up to date on some of the newest trends in the medical world.

The Campaign for Quality program has been hosted by Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare for 11 years, with one of this year's biggest highlights being keynote speaker "ePatient Dave" as the seminar kicked off its two-day event Friday at Hamilton College.

Dave Debronkart (ePatient Dave) shared his cancer survival story but more importantly taught doctors and patients to better communicate.

Faxton-St. Luke's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Kopp says Debronkart stole the show.

"Dave took us through the whole process of how he learned more about his cancer by speaking with other patients and patient groups," Dr. Kopp said. "It was an eye-opening experience for us in terms of how to build programs to involve our patients."

Other topics of the day included electronic medical records, women and vascular disease and radiation therapy. Dr. Kopp says this conference elevates the knowledge among his staff.

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