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Two year pilot program celebrates one year of fighting childhood obesity

ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One year ago, The Bassett Healthcare Network adopted a two year pilot program called, 5-2-1-0, they have used to battle childhood obesity in Otsego county. Read More »

Utica Police: Beware of "Molly" drug

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In 2012, Utica Police were busy combating "Bath Salt" synthetic drug use. Now, police say "Molly" is the latest dangerous drug growing in popularity. Read More »

For Your Health: Influenza Prevention

Prevention of influenza is the best way to prevent the serious complications that can arise for babies, preschoolers and elderly patients who contract the disease. Read More »

For Your Health: Dialysis at Little Falls Hospital

Dialysis is among the treatments offered at Little Falls Hospital for the convenience of their patients. Read More »

For Your Health: MRI at Little Falls Hospital

Accurate diagnosis is the first step in effective treatment of any medical disorder. Read More »

For Your Health: Diabetes

Bassett Health Care Network expands coverage to increase acccess to critical diabetes information. After all, information is powerful medicine against a widespread condition like diabetes. Read More »

For Your Health: Stereotactic Radiosurgery

The non-evasive technique of stereotactic radiosurgery at Bassett Medical Center is effectively used to treat both benign and malignant conditions. Read More »

For Your Health: Weight Loss Surgery

Lauren Steenburg used bariatric surgery as a tool to help her lose over 80 pounds. Watch her story here. Read More »

For Your Health: Davinci Hysterectomy

One in three women have a hystectomy before the age of 60 as treatment for conditions ranging from endometriosis to cancer. Thanks to a minimally invasive procedure, the treatment doesn't have to keep them down for long. Read More »

For Your Health: Cancer Success Story

Despite a diagnosis of esophagial cancer, Greg Tanner is fulfilling his dream, caribou hunting in Quebec. Watch his inspiring story here. Read More »

For Your Health: Plastic Surgery

Bassett's Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center in Cooperstown meets a full range of skin care needs for all ages. Read More »

For Your Health: At Home Care

Only 22% of home care agencies in the country use telehealth technology in the home, even though the results can be more time spent at home and less time spent in the hospital. Read More »

For Your Health: Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third third most diagnosed cancer in the United States, but a few changes in your routine can lower the probability in your life. Read More »

For Your Health: Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Bassett is the first hospital in the region to offer robotic-assisted surgery for prostate removal. Read More »

For Your Health: Radial Catherization

Traditional catherization can sometimes be replaced by a new option that allows for entry through the radial artery in the wrist. Read More »

For Your Health: Glaucoma

Glaucoma affects 2% of elderly Americans, yet half of the people who have glaucoma don't even know it. Read More »

For Your Health: Robotic Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is one of the most innovative technologies available for removing prostate cancer. Read More »

For Your Health: Cancer Coach

Bassett Healthcare's new high-tech medical coach is on the road, taking cancer screenings to people living throughout rural central New York. Read More »

For Your Health: Challenge Diabetes

If you've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, participation in Bassett's "Challenge Diabetes" study can make all the difference in the world for your health. Read More »

For Your Health: Athletic Trainer

Keeping high school athletes in the game isn't easy. Overuse injuries can be a problem. Read More »

For Your Health: Pet Therapy

Sometimes all the medicine in the world can't make you feel better or ease the tension of being in a hospital, so Bassett is piloting a new kind of therapy. Read More »

Bassett's Midwifery Program

Patty Brown, Director of Bassett's Midwifery Program, says women who want a more individualized approach to childbirth appreciate the care of a midwife because it puts them in the driver's seat. Brown explains, "It can be very specific like I want to wear my own clothes, bring my own music to listen to, I don't want to be on a fetal monitor, I want to get up and walk." Read More »

The Trilogy System Improving Cancer Care at Bassett

A new generation of cancer care is available now in Central New York at Bassett Healthcare's Regional Cancer Center in Cooperstown. The "Trilogy" system is a new generation in cancer care. Dr. Timothy Campbell, chief of radiation oncology at Bassett says Trilogy's advanced imaging capabilities allow doctors to target tumors in the head, neck and body with pinpoint accuracy. Read More »

Telehealth Helps Bassett Care for Patients at Home

A little over a month ago, Harry Sheid had heart surgery at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown. His condition is stabalized, but he needs his vital signs checked every day. Thanks to "At Home Care Incorporated", Harry doesn't even have to leave his house in Little Falls for his daily checkup. A special machine transmits the information over the phone to a nurse in a clinic 60 miles away through a technology dubbed telehealth. Read More »

EGD Test Helps Doctors Treat Heartburn, Ulcers and Gastric Cancer

Occasional heartburn is a common ailment, but if you experience heartburn on a daily basis ask your doctor about an endoscopy. Bassett Healthcare gastrenterologist Dr. Joseph Schmer advises, “ If you need to take medicines on a daily basis, especially if you’ve had heartburn for quite some time, or are over age 40 or 50 years old and taking over the counter medications or prescription medications, you should have an endoscopy done.” Read More »

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