Cardiac Rehabilitation

By Jerry Walsh

Millie Piseck was 66 years old when she had a heart attack. After a procedure to reopen a clogged artery, Millie was placed in Bassett Healthcare’s cardiac rehabilitation program at Valley Health Services in Herkimer.

Millie, who says she never liked to exercise, approached rehab with quite a bit of trepidation.

The program involved easy walking to start and Millie says, “They put me on the treadmill. I go, oh no, not the treadmill, ya know.” But Millie made great progress, says, John Delaney, a registered nurse. He says cardiac rehab patients are placed on a closely supervised and individualized prescription program designed to strengthen their heart. For John, the reward is in seeing patients like Millie become stronger and remain independent. “And that’s one of the greatest things to see, to go through a program, get a little stronger to help you out when you get home.”

Millie now walks vigorously 25 minutes and bikes 20 minutes twice a week. Her inspiration, says Millie, is life itself, “Well, you want to live. You just don’t want to die.”

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