The Trilogy System Improving Cancer Care at Bassett

By Jerry Walsh

A new generation of cancer care is available now in Central New York at Bassett Healthcare's Regional Cancer Center in Cooperstown. The "Trilogy" system is a new generation in cancer care. Dr. Timothy Campbell, chief of radiation oncology at Bassett says Trilogy's advanced imaging capabilities allow doctors to target tumors in the head, neck and body with pinpoint accuracy.

"We're finding we can cure a lot more diseases than we could before because we can give a higher dose. Prostate cancer is a prime example. At every step where we've been able to target better, we've seen the cure rates go up," says Campbell.

At the core of the Trilogy system is a high-powered medical linear accelerator that rotates around the patient to deliver radiation treatment from nearly any angle. The radiation beam is shaped to match the three-dimensional shape of the tumor. The end result is better patient outcomes, fewer side effects, and potentially less time on the treatment table. For more information, visit or call 1-800-Bassett and ask for the regional cancer center.

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