Bassett's Midwifery Program

By Jerry Walsh

Rene Anderson is pregnant with her second child and chose to see a certIfied nurse-midwife for both pregnancies because, she says, her midwife seems more in tune with her needs. "They took the time to listen to everything, asked a lot of questions, made sure everything is okay," says Rene.

Patty Brown, Director of Bassett's Midwifery Program, says women who want a more individualized approach to childbirth appreciate the care of a midwife because it puts them in the driver's seat. Brown explains, "It can be very specific like I want to wear my own clothes, bring my own music to listen to, I don't want to be on a fetal monitor, I want to get up and walk."

And with Bassett's collaborative approach to the birthing experience, mothers-to-be get the personalized care of a midwife with an obstetrician always available for backup if needed. For more information visit or call 1-800-Bassett and ask for women's health.

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