Masonic Care Community Report


January Masonic Care Report

By Bill Worden

No one looks forward to placing a loved one in a nursing home. But if it's the right place, with the right people, the combination can do wonders for that loved one. Case in point: The Masonic Care Community

Dave Mazzatti's father Paul worked hard to support the family and raising four boys is a big job. But he did it, working two, sometimes three jobs to keep everybody together. So when Paul became sick, Dave was facing a tough choice.

"It was very traumatic on my part, to think that I would have to put him in a nursing home or a care facility." Said Dave.

According to Sharon VanKuren, Director of Social Services at the Masonic Care Community: "I think their greatest concern is that their loved one is safe, and that, there'll be people always here to take of them."

"They made it very easy, you know, it was very simple for me to get here and bring dad here.” Said Dave.

It's usually that first encounter with a nursing home that people find most difficult. That's why the folks at Masonic Care Community try to remove these mental barriers.

"When they come in, we usually allow them to go first with their family, let them go down with the family and make sure their family is settled." Said Marilu Pacific, Admissions Coordinator of the Masonic Care Community.

When Paul came in here, he was a very sick man. The day I went to meet him, I found a man who was bright and energetic, even youthful. Everybody likes this guy. The wings of the new health pavilion are named after the boroughs of New York, and Paul? Well, he's been named the "Mayor of Manhattan".

"They're outstanding caregivers, I mean, and, they're very helpful with the admissions, and, bringing dad here, everybody was very helpful working with me and working with dad." Said Dave.

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