Deputy Wyman among 13 members of law enforcement honored by D-A's office in 2011

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ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) The Oneida County District Attorney's Office has awarded it's DA Awards to members of local law enforcement. The list includes a member of the New York State Police and 12 members of the Oneida County Sheriff's Department- including a posthumous honor for Deputy Kurt Wyman.


On December 29, 2011, Oneida County District Attorney Scott D. McNamara presented his yearly DA Awards to local law enforcement officers. The DA Award is presented annually to individuals that have demonstrated incredible bravery and have performed heroically during the course of their employment. Twelve members of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office received the award for their respective roles on the Inner Perimeter Team during the June 6th - 7th, 2011 Knoxboro Road standoff, during which Deputy Kurt Wyman lost his life and additional attempts were made by the defendant to kill two other officers.
The awards were given during a ceremony that was kept private at the time, so as not to interfere with the selection of a fair and unbiased jury at the trial of the defendant on January 30th. The award recognized the following officers:

Deputy Kurt Wyman (posthumously)
Deputy Scott P. Kahl
Deputy Carey Phair
Inv. Richard Paul
Inv. Dean C. Famolaro
Deputy Craig W. Stockhauser
Deputy Jeffrey S. Burkhart
Sgt. Robert Nelson
Inv. David Nowakowski
Lt. Ronald A. Townsend
Deputy Mark R. Chrysler
Deputy Thomas B. Larkin, Jr.

On June 6th, 2011, Deputy Kurt Wyman responded to a domestic disturbance on Knoxboro Road in the Town of Augusta. During the dispute that preceded the involvement of the police, the defendant engaged in violent and threatening behavior that forced family members to flee their residence in fear for their lives, taking refuge at the home of their neighbor across the road.

Upon his approach to the residence, Deputy Wyman encountered the defendant standing in his garage, armed with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun. A six hour standoff ensued, during which multiple members of the Sheriff's Office responded and maintained strategic positions under highly adverse conditions. During the standoff, the defendant refused repeated attempts by Sheriff's Office personnel to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict. During that time frame, the defendant remained armed and made statements, movements and gestures that led officers to believe that he was a serious threat to officer safety, and to his own personal safety.

When an opportunity arose to take the defendant peacefully into custody, an attempt was made by the inner perimeter team to employ the use of less lethal munitions to temporarily incapacitate the defendant. This was done in order to fully disarm the defendant and take him into custody without the loss of life and/or serious injury to anyone. During that attempt Deputy Wyman did attempt to assist in these efforts by advancing on the defendant's position with his TASER drawn, whereupon the defendant shot and killed him. Thereafter, the defendant continued firing upon the other officers present, and was ultimately incapacitated when he was struck with responding gunfire from the officers.

By his actions both before and during the standoff, the defendant demonstrated himself to be a person of extraordinary danger to the well-being of fellow citizens on Knoxboro Road. By their bravery and sacrifice, Deputy Wyman and the members of the Inner Perimeter Team, demonstrated what it truly means to protect and serve a community. We shall be forever grateful as neighbors, fellow citizens and human beings. Deputy Wyman and the members of the Inner Perimeter Team demonstrated extraordinary bravery in this life threatening situation and their heroic actions are a credit to law enforcement and the Oneida County Sheriff's Office.

Also receiving the award was New York State Trooper Shane Treen for his actions in a separate incident on June 21, 2011, in the Town of Lee.

On June 21st, Trooper Treen and several Oneida County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a domestic incident in the Town of Lee. James Newbill, the suspect, had assaulted another man over a relationship issue with a mutual friend. After the assault, Newbill returned to his residence and armed himself with a loaded 300 Magnum Rifle. Thereafter, Newbill threatened to return to the scene and kill the other man. After the police were called to the initial crime scene, Newbill threatened to kill himself.

Trooper Treen arrived in the area of the suspect's home and assisted three Oneida County Sheriff's Deputies with setting up a perimeter to surveil the suspect. As Trooper Treen concealed himself in a tactical location, the suspect observed Trooper Treen. The suspect then discharged his rifle in a direction initially unknown to Trooper Treen and the deputies. Trooper Treen maintained his post in an attempt to keep the suspect under surveillance. The suspect then started to walk in the direction of the parked police vehicles. The suspect was armed with the rifle and was holding the gun in a "ready" position. As the suspect approached Trooper Treen, Trooper Treen ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. The suspect then raised his rifle and pointed it at Trooper Treen. In self-defense, Trooper Treen shot the suspect, thereby disarming him and rendering the community safe from this volatile and dangerous individual.

Trooper Treen's action in the face of grave danger saved him and his fellow law enforcement officers from serious injury or death. Trooper Treen demonstrated extraordinary bravery in this life threatening situation and his heroic action is a credit to law enforcement and the New York State Police.

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