Deputy Wyman's funeral brings together a Brotherhood of Blue


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Several thousand police officers from all over New York State, and some from outside the state attended Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman's funeral on Monday.

Many officers said they did not know Deputy Wyman personally, while others said they heard stories of the kind of man he was. Most, however, agreed that not knowing him did not mean he wasn't their brother.

"I mean, we are all in the same line of work," said Christian Hunt, a Vermont State Trooper. "(We) support the family, support the departments, support one another. It doesn't matter where you work, or where you are from. It's the same job and we are here to offer our support and condolences."

Sergeant Douglas Keyton of the Newark, New York Police Department said this was the first funeral involving an officer for him. The Sergeant said he took it all in and was impressed with the turnout.

"(It's) a thin blue line," Keyton said. "It's men and women who wear the uniform in the United States of America that basically try to protect the public and serve and take care of them. When one is fallen, and taken, we love to pay our respects to them."

Jesse McCoy came to the funeral as an officer at the Syracuse VA Hospital, and friend of the Wyman family. McCoy said Kurt Wyman "was a great man."

"Just knowing the family won't have him there, that is the part that really, really saddens me the most," McCoy said. "They are going to have to do without (him) and people will have to step up to fill that gap."

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