Fallen deputy's mother says her son is in the hands of Jesus

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pastor Sam Macri led the sermon at Crosspoint Church in Whitesboro on Sunday, just like he did last Sunday. The difference is that in one of these seats last Sunday, sat 24-year-old Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman.

Ironically, the focus of Pastor Macri's sermon last Sunday, which would end up being the last sermon Deputy Wyman would ever hear, focused on the following: the Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Pastor Macri says The Lord took the young deputy to heaven early Tuesday morning. He said, "We believe what Kurt believed, that death was not the end, and it is really kind of a new beginning for him, and we're very very happy for him in that way, but in the same time we miss him, because we would love to hear his voice, we would love to embrace him again and we know we won't get that privilege in this life."

Wyman has been a member of Crosspoints Church for the past eight years. Sunday morning, his mother, Lynette Wyman spoke in church and thanked her fellow church members for their support over the past five days.

Wyman said she knew her son went out everyday and put his life in danger. She said, "People would often ask me how I dealt with that. I said, my kids are safe wherever they are as long as they are in the center of God's will. Kurt was in the center of God's will Monday night, early Tuesday morning, and he is safe in the arms of Jesus."

Pastor Macri said he was on a mission with the church this week in Maine, when he got the call from a church member at 2:30 Tuesday morning that Kurt had been shot, but was still alive. He said he then held his wife's hand in bed and they prayed.

He says the situation felt like it wasn't real. Reality set in just a few minutes later, when he received another call, that Kurt had passed away at the hospital.

Reality has also set in for fellow deputies, some of whom were at church on Sunday in their Sheriff's uniforms. Pastor Macri says reality has also set in for friends and especially family members.

He said, "They're doing amazingly well. Again when we focus on what we believe about Kurt, where he is now, that he's safe, healthy, that he's happy, that really makes a huge difference in the time of our loss, but of course we do have our moments. It's kind of like waves, they roll in and they roll out of our grief, but it not eclipsed by our great joy by any means."

A public funeral service will be held for Deputy Kurt Wyman at the Utica Memorial Auditorium on Monday beginning at 11:00 a.m. His body will eventually be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

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