Members of the Crosspoint Church gather to remember Kurt Wyman


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - An outpouring of love and support Tuesday night at The Crosspoint Church for Deputy Kurt Wyman and his family.

Members of the congregation came together to share their thoughts and prayers about the man killed in the line of duty early Tuesday morning. Crosspoint Church is where many friends last saw Wyman, attending last Sunday's service and visiting with friends. Wyman was a devoted member of the youth program, and many who gathered were children who learned stories out of the bible from Wyman himself.

A marine, a husband, father, and friend, his Pastor Sam Macri describes Wyman as a man of god, always willing to lend a helping hand.

"Kurt would be involved with our youth director and youth pastor taking kids on mission trips or teaching. He taught the bible, the word of God, and he would come for recreation. He was very full of life and our kids absolutely loved him. The kind of person that you wanted to be around and you would look forward to the next time you were going to see him. I will miss his smile and his laughter very much," said Macri.

Friends like Paul Farmer openly shared their thoughts about Kurt Wyman, saying he inspires them to be better, "You have someone like Kurt who put his family first, who put his country first as a marine, who put his community first and he put God first and I thought maybe just maybe when we think of heroes and role models maybe we should just put our sights a little bit higher."

Many also spoke about Lauren Wyman, Kurt's wife, and the pregnancy of their second child.

The Wyman family is simultaneously losing a member of their family, while also gaining one with the birth of the couples second child. While this congregation may not have found answers as to why this tragic death happened, they did find comfort in their church that will miss an exceptional member of their congregation.

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