Neighbors shocked by fatal Deputy shooting in their quiet neighborhood


AUGUSTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The quiet rural neighborhood of Augusta was in shock Tuesday morning, as many residents say they didn't see any warning signs leading to the domestic dispute and subsequent shooting of Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman.

People living in the neighborhood say it was the kind of thing they expect to see or hear about in a city, not in their quiet, country-like setting community.

Two people living close to the scene say everything started around 8 p.m. last night, when they saw the first police car show up to respond to the home of Christian Patterson, 41, for a call of a domestic dispute.

Throughout the night, they say the police presence picked up. Neighbors said around midnight there were plenty of police cars on the scene, but at that point, things had appeared to die down.

"We came home about 8:30 and there was already five cars of different policemen there in that yard," said Nona Baker who lives near the scene. "So, we knew something was kind of going on, but we didn't know what."

"It wasn't until about 10 o'clock that I got a call from someone I know saying the road was blocked off," said neighbor Kristi Jaquays. "Then I really got suspicious, because you don't close down a road for no reason."

"And they had their guns out and they were hiding behind cars and stuff, so we knew it was a dangerous situation," said Baker.

"A lot of us neighbors were out here talking," said Kim Williams who lives nearby. "Everything seemed pretty quiet. We all decided maybe things are going to work out okay, because it was quiet."

Looking back, Jaquays says that was really the calm before the storm, because just about 2 a.m. is when everything started to come undone and as Wyman and other officers attempted to take Patterson into custody, Patterson opened fire, shooting and killing Wyman.

"I think I was okay until I heard the gunshots go off and I was like 'oh no'," Jaquays said. "You knew then that there was obviously weapons being fired."

"There was a lower sounding shot at first, and then immediately after that, there was more of a popping noise," Williams said. "There was probably five or six shots maybe."

"And then I heard more sirens," Baker said. "So then I got up and was watching out the window, and then I saw the ambulance going, so we knew it came to a climax of some sort."

"It's too close to home, too close to home," Jaquays said. "You think this won't happen here, somewhere in the city maybe, not in the country, not out here. So it is scary."

"Very, very unusual," Baker said. "Never expected it to be this young 24 year-old gentlemen, family involved. Kind of sad."

Most of the residents we talked with living near the scene say they did not know the shooter allegedly involved - Christian Patterson. Neighbors we spoke with said everyone in the area seems to know each other, but that they did not know Patterson or his girlfriend very well.

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