Sheriff's Office discusses fatal shooting of Deputy Wyman

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol has ordered a comprehensive review of the incident in which Sheriff's Deputy Kurt Wyman was shot and killed.

In a press conference earlier this morning, Maciol released more details about the standoff on Knoxboro Road in the Town of Augusta on June 6-7th. According to Maciol, the suspected shooter, Christian Patterson, had fled to his garage after a domestic dispute.

After holding deputies and the Sheriff's Dept. Emergency Response (ERT) team at bay for six hours, members of the ERT fired "less-lethal" hard foam rounds at Patterson, knocking him down. At that point, Deputy Wyman moved into the garage with his Taser drawn, but Patterson was able to shoot Wyman in the neck, and fire three other shots at law enforcement personnel before being shot several times himself.

Joleen Ferris will have a complete report coming up on NEWSChannel 2 at Noon.

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