10th, 11th graders take part in Reality Store

By WKTV News

ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV)Ever ask yourself if your high school students are ready for the real world?

Parents and teachers share this concern every day.

That's why New York State Women Inc. hosts a program called "The Reality Store."

Tuesday, students at Oriskany Junior, Senior High lived a day in the life of a responsible adult.

The students spent the day learning to live on a budget, balance a checkbook and make important daily life decisions like.

Bernadette Sunderlin of the Mohawk Valley Chapter of Women, Inc. said, " They have to deal with child care if they have children, they have to deal with divorce, they have to deal with a clothing allowance, groceries, tuition, and student loans."

Perhaps the biggest rude awakening, finding out the cost of putting food on the table.

The only way to get closer to the real deal, would be actually going out and earning the paycheck.

For more information, contact Jennifer Figueroa of the New York State Women Inc Mohawk Valley Chapter at 315-793-3399

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