Those who count on us most, miss us the most


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Nielsen ratings show that the absence of local, WKTV programming in the Utica market is affecting a substantial amount of people.

According to the November ratings period, more than 20% of people watching television at any point of the day in the Utica market are watching WKTV. At certain times of the day, that number spikes to 50%.

One of those people is Susan Black, of New York Mills.

"It's not there and I got very upset and I did cry, I admit," Black said. "Because it's just like a member of your family that they've taken away from you."

Lack of an agreement between Time Warner Cable and WKTV ownership on the fair value of the programming WKTV provides has resulted in WKTV programming being pulled from Time Warner airwaves, and the television sets of tens of thousands of cable subscribers in the Utica market.

Black lives alone in her New York Mills apartment. She considers the people she sees on her television set, delivering the local news several times a day, family. She watches WKTV while receiving dialysis treatments several times a week, and from home in between.

When the news isn't on, Black calls the WKTV newsroom just to chat with news reporters and anchors.

"I grew up with WKTV," she said. "I grew up to Jerry Fiore, Lyle Bosley, Bill Carroll."

Susan Black is holding out hope that Time Warner Cable and WKTV ownership will come to a speedy agreement regarding the fair value of the programming WKTV provides every day. But just in case the agreement isn't speedy, Black is prepared.

"I hope it's resolved, but if it isn't, I'll put my rabbit ears on because that's how much you folks mean to me."

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