Turning Stone sues CT man over $45,000 jackpot


VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Connecticut man who recently won a $45,000 piece of a jackpot at the Turning Stone Casino is being sued, because officials say he won the money fraudulently.

In December, the man was playing poker at the casino when his hand beat a "four of a kind." The rare hand qualified the man and everyone at the same table to divide up the "Bad Beat Jackpot" of $181,000.

The loser of the hand received $90,000, the winner received $45,000, and the remaining players at the table split the remaining $45,000.

The man who won the hand and received $45,000 did not have the mandatory $2 Poker Club Card when he won the hand. However, it wasn't until a few days later that another player brought that to the casino's attention.

Director of Poker Operations Jason Dibenedetto says that after the player came forward, the casino checked the surveillance tapes and noticed another player had slipped the man their card so that he could claim his prize.

"Do we want the money back from the player? Of course, he defrauded us," Dibenedetto said. "We feel he should give us back that money."

According to Dibenedetto, there is usually a notice in the Poker Room, explaining the rules of the "Bad Beat Jackpot" and needing a Poker Club Card is one of those rules.

Dibenedetto admits that the staff at Turning Stone is partially at fault, and says they even fired the dealer. However, he says the player is ultimately responsible for following the rules, and that's why they are suing him.

"Is it realistic to think we will get it back? I think it is," Dibenedetto said. "It's just like anything, if someone had gone and stolen something from somebody."

Turning Stone officials won't release the Connecticut man's name. Since the incident, they put up a large poster explaining what happened and explaining that if players want to play there, they must have a daily card.

"He took a gamble," Dibenedetto said. "And unfortunately on that one, he lost."

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