Show will go on for Honor America Days despite folding of Syracuse Symphony


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Syracuse Symphony Orchestra is closing the curtain after 50 years of making music.

The symphony was a highlight of the Honor America Days in Rome, but while the 77 member orchestra folds, the Honor America Days Committee has found that there are other performers waiting in the wings.

The Syracuse Symphony Orchestra is dissolving because they're bankrupt. With over $5 million in debt, the board of trustees says they had no choice.

Not only will the sounds of the symphony be missed in Syracuse, they'll also be missed in Rome, where they delighted crowds for the last 26 years during Honor America Days. The Syracuse Symphony would play patriotic tunes on the Fort Stanwix lawn during the summer celebration, complete with a fly over and fireworks.

The chair of the event, Jacqueline Izzo, says they have been anticipating financial problems with the Syracuse Symphony since January, and they're already entertaining several other musical proposals.

Izzo promises you can expect to hear the same quality of professional entertainment this July, but she isn't saying who will replace the group just yet.

"You know when one door closes, another one opens," Izzo said. "We have some very good leads, and proposals that are going to be made. The quality of the music will probably be the same and there's always a possibility that the musicians of the Syracuse Symphony may form a group on their own, so we may even end up having the same musicians that remains to be seen."

The Utica Symphony has not submitted a formal proposal to the event committee. However, a spokesperson says they are interested in performing at Honor America Days.

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