Residents rescued by boat as West Canada Creek waters continue to rise


DEERFIELD/POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - In a frighteningly familiar scene, people living off of Route 28 at the Poland/Deerfield border were once again rescued by boat from their homes, as the homes filled with water from the West Canada Creek.

The creek invaded Thursday night, washing over the Route 28 bridge and into the West Canada Creek Campsites. On Friday morning, many people stopped by, using cell phone cameras to capture the devastation. Many say it's worse than the flooding of 2006.

"The other side of the West Canada Creek where the farm house was, that wasn't under water the last time, now it's under water," said Frederick Reed, of the Town of Ohio. "And I don't believe the creek view here was flooded last time."

The force of the water pulled a deck from a mobile home in the park adjoining the campsites, despite the fact that the deck was bolted to the house. In fact, the force was so powerful, the house lifted off of its foundation.

The front door, which was closed and locked Thursday night, was wide open Friday morning. The single father and three young daughters living in the home are staying with family.

An extensive amount of rain in a short period of time pushed the West Canada over its banks. Although the water began to slowly recede Friday morning, relief could be limited, as rain continued.

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