Hurricane Irene to disrupt travel throughout region

Hurricane Irene to disrupt travel throughout region


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) Hurricane Irene is barreling her way up the East Coast, and her power and potential destruction is causing some headaches for travelers.

Airlines and train systems are already taking preemptive measures by canceling flights and rides. According to Bloomberg News, JetBlue has canceled almost 900 flights from Saturday to Monday. Amtrak has canceled most of its operations south of Washington D.C. for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Northeast Corridor is not affected yet.

NEWSChannel 2 caught up with some travelers at Union Station in Utica to see if their plans are being hampered by the storm. Josh Williams of Chicago is trying to make his way to Albany for his brother's wedding reception. He's not worried about getting to Albany, but he is concerned about whether he will make it back to Chicago Monday morning.

"We are definitely keeping an eye on it and it seems like no one really has any answers at this point," Williams said. "But it doesn't look great so we're thinking about getting on the train a day earlier if possible."

If you do have travel plans to regions expected to be hit by Hurricane Irene, it's best to call the airline or train system to see if your flight or ride will be affected.

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