Trebilcock found to be 'dangerously mentally ill' in Sherill child murder, will be admitted to mental institution


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - David Trebilcock, the man found "not criminally responsible" for killing 6-year-old Lauren Belius in her Sherrill home was found to be "dangerously mentally ill" by two evaluating psychiatrists on Tuesday.

Trebilcock appeared in Oneida County Court in Utica on Tuesday morning.

He will now be admitted to a secure forensic mental institution.

Trebilcock has been held at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center where he will likely stay, but that final decision will be up to the Commissioner of Mental Health.

Public Defender Patrick Marthage says there has not been much change in Trebilcock's mental state. Trebilcock claims he killed Belius, because he believed she was the "Anti-Christ."

"He understands the humanly level and he also understands the spiritual level," said Marthage. "What he did spiritually was correct, he understands that man is not going to give him accolades for what he did, but he believes it is the right thing to have done in God's eyes."

Trebilcock will continue to be evaluated by psychiatrists and will reappear in court in six months, and then a year from then, and then again every two years after that.

Each time Trebilcock appears after the first six months, there will be a hearing to see if he is in a mental state to be released.

Judge Michael Dwyer holds jurisdiction in this case, so each time Trebilcock appears, it will be in Dwyer's courtroom in Oneida County Court.

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