UPD looks to community for help tracking down its "Top Ten Most Wanted"


UTICA - Every year, thousands of arrest warrants are issued in Utica. But there are 10 people who stand out as the city's "most wanted."

Utica Police need your help to put the city's ten most wanted behind bars. Among charges for the ten most wanted - grand larceny, an assault with a weapon, and burglary. There are even two sex offenders on the list.

By simply logging on to the Utica Police Department's website, you can see photos of all ten, and what they're wanted for.

For example, police say Jasmine McKenzie, 22, is wanted for assault with a weapon. The Warrants Unit at UPD decides who's on the list, and police say it's not necessarily the most dangerous criminals who make the cut.

"There are some violent crimes here, but not all of them are violent crimes," said Deputy Chief Pasquale Benzo. "It's a combination of things. Obviously our hope here with the top ten is to locate these individuals and replace them with somebody else."

If you've seen any of Utica's Ten Most Wanted, police want to hear from you. You can call them at 223-3580.

But police stress, you should never try to detain or apprehend any of the wanted individuals on your own.

Utica's Ten Most Wanted List was started back in November, and since then, the list has changed, because police say they've caught some of the people off the list.

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