Installation of giant screen begins at revamped Rome Drive-In

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - If you were skeptical about the West Rome Drive-in opening back up, then this will come as some good news.

Work began Friday to put up the huge new screen.

The Davidson Auto Group now owns the property and says they've been busy over the past few weeks, putting in a new ticket window and concession stand and paving a 1,000 foot driveway for cars get back to the new drive-in.

It's expected to open by July 6.

"Every Monday they set the movies, so they'll probably know on Monday what will be playing here and we will probably, at that point, will be displaying it out front on the road," said Doug Davidson, Vice President of The Davidson Automotive Group. "We'll be taking down our little sign that the theatre is coming and we'll replace it with what's going to be showing."

Davidson says there will be enough room to fit a total of 225 cars at the drive-in but there is no word, just yet, on what it will cost for admission.

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