Cory Adam testifies against friends in Cueball Beating Trial


UTICA - On Wednesday, Cory Adam took the stand against his former codefendants and friends as the two stood trial for manslaughter in the beating death last summer of a Rome man.

Adam pleaded guilty last week to manslaughter in the death last August of Carl Hill. Hill died after being beaten during a house party in Westmoreland. On Wednesday, during the manslaughter trial of Brad Stanistreet and Kevin Stolarcyk, Adam told the jury that he was spending 15 years in prison for his admitted role in Hill's death. Adam also said that, as part of the plea deal, he agreed to testify truthfully against Stanistreet and Stolarcyk.

Adam admitted to hitting Hill twice with a billiard ball in a sock as Hill struggled to get up from the ground. Adam then said that Stanistreet hit Hill in the head with a billiard ball in a sock. "Big, swinging blows," is how Adam described it.

Cory Adam then said that, upon learning that it was Hill who had struck him in the head, Kevin Stolarcyk began stomping on Hill's head several times as Hill lay lifeless on the ground.

Adam's testimony was corroborated by other witnesses. But some of those witnesses admitted to being, "completely wasted," and "really, really, really drunk" the night of the fatal house party.

The defense attorneys are expected to cross-examine Adam on Thursday.

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